Thursday, January 5, 2017

Easy Embossed Snowman Card

In my previous post, I showed how to use an embossing machine, and showed how even something as simple as an embossed piece of card stock can add more life to a card.

Simple design with no embellishments.  I'd like to show how to add a little more life to the card.  In today's post, I am showing the purple card stock picture, but am using the same embossed snowman folder in white.

Some things you can use to pretty up the card:  colored stamp pads, glitter glue, colored markers, and ribbon.

You can also use paper punches-I used the thin strip cut out for this card.

To add color to your embossed picture, turn your stamp pad upside down and in a flat motion, lightly brush it over the paper.  The pad will hit the embossed parts.  (You may want to try this on a spare piece of embossed paper first, to get the feel for it.)

You can do it lightly (as in first picture), or brush over it a few more times for more color.

This is what it looks like in purple, brushed with a purple stamp pad.  Then you can add a little glitter glue for accents-on the scarves,  eyes, snowflakes, etc.

Once the glitter glue dries, you can finish the card.

Using a piece of card stock the same size as the picture, I trimmed the picture to make it just slightly smaller (so that when I add the frame, I don't have to worry about it accidentally being uneven and poking out under the frame).  I then took my piece of plain card stock and cut out the middle in a wavy square.

I used my purple marker to line the border edges, and to also line and add more color around the inside of the border.  Using my small paper punch, I touched the paper with some of the same ink pad used for the snowmen, added purple to the edge, and wrote "Hi!" on it.  (Going around edges can be done holding in the air and using the side of the maker, or laying on another piece of paper and tracing around your paper.)

A little ribbon bow glued on (hot glue) is a nice finishing touch.  Easy and cute!

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