Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Texture Boutique Embossing

Let me introduce you to a fun little tool-Sizzix Texture Boutique.   This is a great way to take a blank card and instantly take the style up a notch!

The Sizzix Texture Boutique looks like a little purse.  It comes with the black pads and shim.  It costs around $20, which is great!  The different embossing folders that are used with it are approximately $4, but I have purchased them on sale for $2 each.  

Shown is a sampling of some of the different embossing folders I have, with a piece of card stock in them to show you the different designs.

Easy to use-just put your piece of card stock (cut to size of folder) inside the folder, put the folder and shim (can be used with or without the shim, depending on the thickness of the paper you are using) inside the black pads, and crank through the machine.

There is an opening in the back side where it will come out.


Shown is the snowman embossed paper on the front of a blank white card.  See how it instantly gives it life?  This is the VERY basics of using an embossing folder.  You can more to it to really make the card stand out, which I'll show in upcoming posts.

Here are two other embossed pieces as well.  There are many to choose from!

This little machine is for embossing only.  It does not work on die cuts.

What would you add to this card to make it perfect?  Please comment below!


  1. I had never considered just using the embossed paper as the front of the card. I always felt like I had to add something to it...but that is cute just the way it is. :O) Thanks for the tip.

    1. Sometimes elaborate and highly embellished is really great, but then, sometimes clean and simple is just as nice! Kind of like house decorating! lol